Our Approach


Mobile Marketing

Reach out to your consumers with our Yowza!! mobile marketing platform. Add an offer and reach up to 2 million consumers in 10 minutes or less.


Increase customer engagement and brand loyalty with our state of the art flexible loyalty programs and solutions.

Payment Acceptance

Add smartphone payments or cloud-based POS in 10 minutes with our cutting edge mobile payment solutions. No monthly fees or minimums required.


Put an offer or coupon directly into the hands of your customers at exactly the right time. Our beaconing platform allows for precise, targeting coupon delivery in real time.

Is Your Competition Using Mobile?


Adding mobile is easier than you think.



Our Products


The last few years have brought a fast moving change in the way merchants accept and process credit card transactions. Businesses are looking for faster and more efficient ways to obtain merchant accounts and process their transactions.

Sleek and powerful mobile devices and SaaS cloud-based software suites have been combined into modern point-of-sale terminals, making the large and clunk legacy devices unnecessary.

Spindle leverages these emerging technologies and combines them with a fresh, streamlined approach to getting businesses of all types and sizes up and running with a unique underwriting and instant approval process.



The marketplace is changing and there is a race to keep up with not only the needs of customers…but the technology available to run a successful business.

Yowza!! Offers is an innovative mobile marketing platform that creates a real-time marketplace where retailers can connect with current and potential patrons directly on their mobile devices. Business owners and managers maintain complete control over their campaigns—including how and when they’re delivered, duration, point-of-sale redemption, and associated loyalty rewards—and consumers maintain control over when they’re marketed to and what they receive.